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!Hi weevils! This is little weevil me: Cherry. I hope you will enjoy reading The World Of Weevils!


It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: Easter Sunday! I hope you all have a magnificent Easter. Please complete this poll:

Easter Bunny Card

Yippee! It’s almost Easter and the Easter Pop-Up Shop has arrived in the bin!Easter Shop Now Open!

There are so many awesome items on sale including special spring XP potions, exclusive cream egg furniture, amazing framed posters and exquisite Easter wallpaper. And have you heard about the Great Egg Hunt? Well it’s gonna be HUGE! Will you take part? And how many Easter Eggs do you think you will get?

PS: Get your exclusive free code for the poster that costs a staggering 8 Dosh with this code:


Also, you have the chance to design an Easter-themed Dosh’s Palace. If you win, that is what Dosh’s Palace will ACTUALLY look like! Here is the last year’s winning design by geisha-girl:


It’s St Patrick’s Day! Grab your four leaved clover and embrace your inner leprechaun because there are some bintastic St Patrick’s Day items on sale at Nestco.

st-particks-roomHappy St Patricks Day



Scribbles is MISSING!

No-one knows where he is, why he’s gone or what he’s doing. But I have a pretty fair idea of what may have happened…

Find out what soon!

It’s Love Your BinPet Day!

Make sure you have plenty of treats in store for your BinPet today! My pet Cupcake is desperate for the yellow tutu and I have been saving up for it so once I have 7 more Dosh, it’ll be all hers!

To treat your BinPet you could buy it a new toy or accessory, take them for an extra long walk or just spend hours of quality time with them.

Nest Inspector
Nest Inspector

The Nest Inspector has been asking the weevil public what their favourite nest items are. Mine are the blue regal bed, the jukebox and the bubble gum dispenser.

What is yours?

Choose out of these ten.

There is a new item in the Nestige Range…

The Deluxe Museum Case!

Deluxe Museum Case!

It is a replica of what Digg excavated on Mulch Island. What do you think the carving symbolises? Here are some of the comments from the main Binweevils Blog!

littlepink1029: It looks like a Bin Pet on top of a flower. It’s amazing! It’s so cool.

rannie4: It’s like that puzzle in the Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet, which was a pretty cool mission!

bintop37: It says in Bin Weevils Mag Issue #23 that there was a big stone tablet on Mulch Island, but pieces of it are missing and it might belong to that!

gwonc: With close analysis I can indicate that it is a fragment from the ancient Bin Pet Temple!

WERUBIN: This looks like a carving of a Bin Pet, possibly with wings! I have  seen something similar to this at the Temple on Mulch Island where one  of the SWS Missions was completed.

We have now found out what the mysterious crate in the Shopping Mall…

A new ultra-cool lilac and blue Super Antenna and a new move that allows you to become a disco ball!

Become a disco ball and have a new Super Antenna!
Become a disco ball and have a new Super Antenna!


The Nestige Range is now out at Nestco and Bin Mart!

Check out this groovy floor-to-ceiling aquarium!
Check out this groovy floor-to-ceiling aquarium!

Bin Pet Paradise is now open!

Heaven for your cuddly little friends!
Heaven for your cuddly little friends!

At BinPet Paradise you can dress your pet up, take pics of them, buy them exclusive treats and toys and keep them fit at GymPet!

At GymPet you can let your BinPet go on the treadmill, into the aerobics class and lift weights. Which is your pet’s favourite?






8 thoughts on “New News!

    1. emma my favourite nest item has to be the golden disco ball! i just love it and my bin pet (strawberry) just loves aroebics! she cant get enough of it!

  1. My favourite nest item is surely the Hanging Pod Chair! My Bin Pet Stevie loves the Aerobics, and the best thing about Easter this year has to be the Great Egg Hunt! 🙂

      1. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I did making it! It’s currently under renovation to make it much better. I am very nice. 🙂

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